About me

Hi, all

I'm Jianwen WEI. Welcome to my blog.

Last year (2011), I graduated from Shanghai Jitong University (SJTU) with a master degree in engineering. To start my career, I joined Network & Information Center of SJTU as a research assistant.

Wow, now I do research work happily here. My research interests include distributed systems and database systems---they have more fashionable names, such as cloud and big data (I merely mention these terms). I hope, through our work, powerful computation power and flexible data management service can be accessible to all guys.

I am a serious programmer and very picky in code. Zach Holman has a good point: Don't Give Your Users Shit Work.

My blog will keep updating. Feedback is always welcomed.

Hard work, short life. So talk less, do a loooooot more.